Sound, Frequency and Sensory Fun at Glenview Public Library

The Glenview Public Library hosted a wonderful Friendship Club event for special needs kids and typical kids seeking friendship (grades 3-8) and their peer volunteer buddies (Friendship Ambassadors grades 4-12). We invited musician and sound healer Preston Klik to conduct a session called Sound, Frequency and Sensory Fun. He brought his large gong, a variety of singing bowls and bells, crystal bowls, drums, rattles, and other instruments from around the world. After explaining and passing around his instruments, he conducted a sound meditation.

The kids reclined on the floor and lights went off. A DVD with kaleidoscopic images played on the large screen while Preston took us on a meditative journey via sound and vibration. Everyone enjoyed this unique and relaxing experience, even a child with autism laid back and settled down for a time. Trying the instruments was neat, and we had sensory boards available for fidgety hands.

This post was written by SNAILS member Silvia Kraft-Walker, Youth Services Early Literacy Coordinator at Glenview (Il.) Public Library. We are always inspired by Silvia's creative programming for kid with disabilities. Silvia can be reached at swalker[at]glenviewpl[dot]org.