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Sensory Storytime: Begin with ALSC!

If you want to begin developing a Sensory Storytime program at your library, start here at the ALSC Blog.  In fact, that's where I started.  When I first started developing Sensory Storytime at the Deerfield Public Library, I began with researching what models already existed at other libraries around the county.  At the time, there weren't that many other librarians who had been leading special needs storytimes and writing about their experiences in library literature.  Thankfully, I managed to connect myself with two pioneers in our field. 

The first blog post I remember reading was Tricia Bohanon Twarogowski's Programming for Children with Special Needs.  She put together an amazingly comprehensive programming model and wrote about her experiences in a five-part blog series.  Tricia later shared her experiences developing programming for older children in Going Beyond Sensory Storytime: Sensory School-age Programming.  Then, there was Barbara Klipper.  Her Sensory Stor…