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iPads for Children with Special Needs

Using iPads with children with special needs is a growing trend.Although there isn’t conclusive research yet on the outcomes of using iPads with children with special needs, feedback from the field is mainly positive.Teachers and librarians who are using apps with children with special needs report improvements in targeted skills.In cases where the child’s skills didn’t improve, teachers felt that the child’s skills also hadn’t decreased.Because children have such varying abilities, skills, needs, and behaviors, the effectiveness of iPad technology will also vary with each child.Instruction and experiences should be individualized.As you consider and/or implement iPad technology in your library collections and programs, here is some current discourse to consider:

·The iPad can motivate children to practice a skill over and over again until they master it.
·Apps can be used to target specific needs and can sometimes be adapted to a particular ability level.
·The iPad is touch screen and …