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Fall 2013 Meeting Recap: Sensory Storytime

Sensory Storytime PresentationsThe fall meeting of SNAILS featured Sensory Storytime presentations by Renee Grassi of Glencoe Public Library and Sue Parsons of Plainfield Public Library. Renee and Sue covered:
the what and why of Sensory Storytimethree different models of Sensory Storytimewhat we can learn from offering Sensory StorytimeBecause Sensory Storytime is a relatively easy way to accommodate children with special needs at your library, we recorded the presentation for you!

In addition to the main presentation, Sue demonstrated a mini Sensory Storytime including her welcome comments, the use of her little bird, Pájaro, songs, crafts, and games. A video of her demo will be included in Sue's upcoming post, so be sure to subscribe to the blog in order to receive an alert when it is posted!

Sensory Storytime Ideas from the Group After the formal presentation and demonstration, we used the group sharing time to talk about our favorite Sensory Storytime components. So many great i…