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#WeNeedDiverseBooks and Reading about Disability

Last month, I read an incredible article by Corinne Duyvis entitled Navigating Criticism and Discussions of Disability Representation from the Disability in Kidlit Blog.  Some of Duyvis' other articles I have found equally insightful include Disability Metaphors in Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Happy Endings and Overcoming Autism, and The State of Disability on Book Covers.  I have also found this interview with her particularly compelling. I keep going back to her posts because they are insightful, well-written, and challenge me to reflect upon disability representation in ways I perhaps would not--and in many ways, cannot--consider as someone who does not self-identify as disabled.  In our current library landscape where #WeNeedDiverseBooks is more than just a hashtag, it is increasingly important for librarians to advocate and champion diversity in representation in children's and young adult literature.  This is why the Disability in Kidlit Blog is such an invaluable resour…

NEW Online Course: Intro to Accessibility and Universal Design in Libraries

Instructor: Carli Spina
Dates: September 5-30, 2016 Credits: 1.5 CEUs Price: $175 Register for this course
Approximately 15% of the population worldwide live with some type of disability, making individuals with disabilities an important and often underserved constituency for libraries. Despite this, many libraries overlook simple and affordable measures that could improve their accessibility.

In this course, you will learn concrete techniques for improving your library’s accessibility for individuals with a wide range of disabilities. You will learn the meaning of accessibility and universal design and how these apply in a library setting through a combination of readings, hands-on exercises, online discussions, and demonstration videos. Students who complete the assignments will have concrete ideas for integrating accessibility and universal design principles into library workflows.

This four-week course will cover techniques and tools for testing website accessibility, i…