Free Webinar: Sensory Integration presented by Christy Isbell

There is no shortage of professional development opportunities on the topic of youth with disabilities this season, and I'm especially thankful for the gift of free learning opportunities! Here's one that I'm really looking forward to viewing...

Thursday, December 10, 2015, 1:00-2:00pm CST
Hosted by edWeb,net, a free professional learning network, and sponsored by Kaplan Early Learning Company.
This relevant webinar will be presented by Christy Isbell, pediatric therapist, professor, and author of Sensory Integration: a Guide for Preschool Teachers (which we have listed on our Resources page). Tune in to learn what sensory integration is and how it impacts young children's learning and behavior. Christy will focus on three areas that should be helpful for all librarians working with children ages 3-8:

  • What is sensory integration?
  • How can you identify children who are "sensory seekers" or "sensory avoiders?"
  • What are some practical strategies that may meet the needs of children with sensory integration disorder?
You can register for the webinar ahead of time, hold off and sign on if you're free at the time of the presentation, or join the edWeb's Classroom Management for Early Learning community and then schedule a time for a group of your coworkers to view it together from the archive. The more the merrier!